WHo are we

Zenith Healthcare in Colorado is a health care center that supports people suffering from addiction. We are there for those people who want to make a turn in their lives in order to get their lives back in their hands.



We help people who suffer from any sort of addiction to overcome their problems and health conditions in order to recover and restore their lives. Therefore, we provide numerous services to the consumers that were meant to help them recover.


Behavioral health

As a part of your psychiatric rehabilitation, our behavioral health services are meant to help our patients to develop new behavioral and living skills and enhance those which already exist. We also help them with the integration into the society.

Community based

We provide community based services to enhance family interventions and rehabilitation process via introducing family members into the treatment. We think that family can help the entire recovery process without any doubt as well as with modeling positive coping skills.



People who go through the recovery process tend to feel lost and aggressive because they find it hard to get back into society again. Therefore, we offer to provide counseling services to help them cope better with their everyday life.


The goal of Zenith Healthcare Services is to provide quality mental/behavioral treatment services to all of our consumers. Through personal empowerment, wraparound support and community integration- Zenith Healthcare Services, Inc. seeks to reinforce stable behaviors, restore normal mental functioning and successfully help our consumer’s recover from illness.

We are opened to children and adults as our clinical therapy services are helpful to those who are having problems with physical aggression or any other medically diagnosable health conditions.


Welcome to our blog about Zenith Healthcare in Colorado that supports people, children and adults, suffering from all sorts of  addictions or any other medically diagnosable health conditions and behavioral disorders that prevent them from being normally functioning society members