Zenith healthcare services provide an array of services that address a range of behavioral health problems. Clients receive individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and medication management, among other services. The services provided address behavioral health issues affecting individuals of all ages, including child, adolescent and adult clients.


Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

The off-site Child and Adolescent PRP program provides in-home wrap-around services for children and adolescents with emotional disturbances. The off-site PRP continues to be an extraordinarily effective method of treating children with emotional disabilities because they receive services in the home and community in environments in which they are most comfortable with the least disruption to the family unit. This program focuses on developing the skills necessary for functioning in the community, home, and school.


Adult Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

Zenith healthcare services provide a continuum of services designed to allow clients age 50+ with psychiatric disabilities to remain in the community as their needs become more challenging. The level of care provided to clients is contingent upon individual need and situation.

Adult consumers participate in group activities that assist in improving their daily living skills and help them function in the community with little assistance. Our focus is mostly placed on treatments against addiction but we also offer to provide the modeling services of positive behavior as well as help our patients to develop coping skills that will introduce them into society again as new people.