Life after addiction – How to repair relationships

Living with a substance use disorder is affecting your entire life, each and every aspect of it. With this in mind, all of your relationships with your friends, loved ones and family can be restored if you put your mind and effort to it.

With a lot of work and time, things could become much better for you but you need to be patient. It is a known thing that people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol tend to push away all people who care for them away. That means that your relationships, romantic or any other, will have to go through a process of suffering.

Your recovery might help you to mend them as it is the best opportunity to show to all of the people who care for you that you are ready to change. It has been proven that people who care for you can largely help the entire recovery process.

Substance abuse leads to a complete loss of trust as people who are addicted are known to embezzle the given trust of those closest to them which eventually leads to a complete alienation from them and the rest of the world. The addicts are focused entirely on themselves and the need to find another dose.

To be able to repair all that damage coming from a substance abuse disorder, the one needs to reach out to the people who lost their trust in them and try to repair that relationship once more. The success depends on the ability of the loved ones to accept that it was the substance that controlled their loved one, not their own will.

The best way to do this is to rebuild the trust and that takes a lot of time. Open and honest communication, as well as repentance, might just be helpful to do so but it takes both sides to work on establishing a new relationship in order to build a new foundation of trust. That is why it is so important not to give up and have all the patience of the world.